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yatsume 21/12/22 (Wed) 9:35 pM no.15


yatsume 13/12/22 (Sun) 11:00 AM no.14

Lately I've realize just how weird people act around me. I was aware before but I feel it stronger now. They act so strangely nice to me, even though they don't have any real reason to be and they aren't like that usually. Like they're just talking to me out of pity. They never even start a conversation or anything just weird artificial niceness. It's not like it's their responsibility to make me feel better haha. Just leave me alone if you don't have anything worthwhile to say

yatsume 13/12/22 (Sun) 11:00 AM no.14

I wanna be just like soldier from tf2 ughhh. for many reasons:

  • I'm dumb in a pitiful way, but he's dumb in a cool and funny way
  • He gets to date Zhanna
  • He's a lawyer AND a priest (in Guam)
  • Some people ship him with engineer

yatsume 13/12/22 (Sun) 11:00 AM no.14

Y'know that feeling when you think about something and it's smell or taste keeps showing up around you? It's not really there but you feel like it is. Yesterday I got stuck smelling gumdrops all day just 'cause I thought about it once in the morning.

yatsume 11/12/22 (Sun) 10:21 AM no.13
file: 1648915699896.gif

New post format! how bout that lol. copied from xn--z7x.xn--6frz82g/blog/. I promise I'm working on links and articles pages. In the mean time, I've been thinking: calling the page "articles" makes it sound too important. Since this is a "diary" page, how about I call the long posts page "blog"? Idk maybe I'll talk about food or someshit. There was supposed to be a cat gif on this post but neocities won't let me upload it for some reason??

yatsume 06/12/22 no.12

Everybody either doesn't care about me at all or hates me and wants me dead. Here I go again, writing about things I would never tell anyone in the real world here where anyone can see it. nobody (mostly) can associate this site with me irl. I need to be more careful with people in the real world. They would push me into a ditch any day. I feel like the last time I had a real friend who cared about me was alllll the way back in 6th grade. We can only email now, I left her behind in the last country and moved here. People here are so tiresome to interact with, but she wasn't. We drew pictures, talked about art and various internet things. IIRC she was really into roleplay games, like dragon simulator and feather family (roblox). I hope she found people better than me. There was another girl I knew from second grade. She was physically strong and..cute??...anyways, she was really sweet and bubbly. She wasn't embarrassed of being herself. She was also there when I first discovered drawing and encouraged me to keep doing it. We grew apart. If I could go back in time I'd pay more attention to our time together so I could remember it better now. The people here talk to me out of pity. I know they only barely tolerate my presence. Maybe they think I'm shy, troubled or attention starved. I'm isolating myself more and more from them. For now, this site is my only "home". I know this isn't a healthy alternative to social interaction, but nobody around me is fun to talk to

yatsume 28/11/22 no.11

Sorry for the lack of content on this site. I've either had no motivation or no time to make anything worth posting since school started. The only "fun" things I've done were nothing but mindless entertainment so I could avoid doing my work and procrastinate more. I put off construction of the articles page because I didn't know how I wanted it to look. I don't want to just copy paste css from the rest of the pages as that would be boring as hell and I'd probably forget all the html/css I've learned so far. But I suddenly realised what I wanted one night. I just still don't wanna do it?? I don't wanna put time or effort into anything! It's all so tiresome and my brain is completely dead. Also, I don't really know exactly what I'd write about either, I just have a vague idea. But for the first post I'm going to write about why I made this site i the first place!

yatsume 17/11/22 no.10

Eating slightly bitter whole meal bread after eating something super sugary hits different. In a good way.

yatsume 08/11/22 no.7

People are becoming increasingly tiresome to talk to. I wanna crawl back and become quiet again it was so peacefulllll....but that's hard to do now that I'm used to talking more. Also, my group project is nearly finished! Soon, I won't have to interact with my annoying partner. Other than that, I have so many things to do that I haven't even started. Aside from my uncompleted group project, I need to make a "pls vote for me" poster for a friend, make a similar poster for myself, make a plot diagram for a story and a lot of other homeworks. Things would be so much easier if my parents didn't pressure me to take part in everything. They said "even if there is a free rope at your school you should hang yourself with it", well maybe I will hang myself but I will buy the rope from the store

yatsume 02/11/22 no.5

Woah it's been a while since the last post huh? I keep thinking "huh I should post about this" and then just leaving it for later untill it's no longer relevant.. I'm sorry. Anyways so, I'm sill drowning in homework yay. oooohhh yeaahhh...I've also started talking to people irl more..??? Idk how long it will be untill I give up and shaddup again but whatever lol it's all gonna turn out ok in the end. Links page coming soon also

yatsume 28/09/22 no.3

Today a classmate started crying in class. I couldn't comfort her because I'm horrible with talking and generally inexperienced in dealing with people. I REALLy did want to help her but no matter what I said, it still felt like I was being insensitive, dumb, and also kinda mean to her. In the end the only thing I could do was draw for her. I hope she liked the drawings? She seemed like she liked them... ayo if anyone is actually reading this give me tips on how to comfort people in the guestbook lollolol

yatsume 24/09/22 no.2

uuuuuggghhhh. We don't have internet so expect this to be posted later than when I wrote it. I hate's just so boring?? And I can't even draw because everything I make today looked stiff/bad and doesn't feel fun to draw. Pretty much the only thing I can do today is work on this site

yatsume 22/09/22 no.1

Wow first hello! Maybe I should write about how I feel right now? Umm... I just woke up. I feel ok and nothing has happened yet, but the tv is on and something is playing on it really loud. Oh yeah, style idea shamelessly stolen from minugahana